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In Belgium, people like to eat gourmet food. Everything needs to be delicious. Our cuisine is influenced by the French and we love to eat a lot of meat (compared to the rest of the world). Famous for our waffles, fries, chocolate and beer, but we have a lot more to show you!


Our Belgian Cooking Class is based on the simpleness of the Belgian cuisine. We offer you a 3 course meal with some snacks and a fresh cold beer included. Ask what the menu of the week is, it varies from meatstew with beer to a vol-au-vont, chocolate-mousse and a Liège-waffle...


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We traveled the world, we tasted the local food and we practiced at home until we found the real taste of it! Those dishes we want to teach you. The real local food, made to a typical weekly dish at your home.


We offer the following cuisines:
Thai Night - Indian Night - Mexican Night - South American Night - Italian Night - Indonesian Night - Sushi Night

You want to try a mix of cuisines? Or you want to order a private workshop? Do not hesitate to contact us.



Also our kids need to learn one day how to prepare their own meals. Why not start now? They love to learn and they want to participate, so why not let them help? We teach the basics in a safe way. We offer a week-long cooking class where we prepare everyday easy things. From a standard breakfast to a plain spaghetti-sauce or a apple-cake.



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We live in a turbulent society where everything needs to go fast. Work, eat, play, repeat. But we forget the most important thing, and that is to live. Nowadays we forget to read our labels from the food and other grocery items we buy. And they add a lot of chemicals to make it cheaper..

I want to teach you how to make your own shampoo and your own household products. Soap, dish washing-liquid, hair-mask... Good for you but also good for Mother Nature!





Coming soon!


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Coming soon!



Every workshop: € 50 per person *

* Does not include drinks
* When ordering the workshop on location, rent of the kitchen and transportation costs are not included

For workshops with more than 10 participants:
- Mundo Rico gives a discount
- Location is not included in the price
- You OR Mundo Rico can arrange a location


About us

We are Marc & Simona Carbone-Bussé and we travelled for 2 years and 5 months around the world. We visited 52 countries and all the continents. Not only nature, culture and geography inspires us, we love food. We love food so much, we took cooking classes in a lot of countries. And now, we want to teach you what we have been learning all those traveltimes!

During travelling we got inspired by all the views and tasty foods around the world. Let us take you around the world just by inviting you in our kitchen! More travelstories you can find on our blog (find the B-button down this page)!

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